Assessment centers & Psychometric testing

ssessing your employees overall traits to determine their competencies for their intended roles through interviews, examinations and psychometric testing

When handled correctly, Assessment Centers offer numerous benefits for both employer and employee, whether for recruitment, development, restructuring or succession planning. By exploring personality, intellectual capability and values, they allow employers to gain a detailed profile of an individual’s existing strengths and development needs.

At SDP Management Consultancy, we have a wealth of experience in designing and conducting Assessment and Development Centers. Whether you are trying to select a person for a role, enhance the skills of a group of high potentials, or accelerate the development of a specific person, we have the expertise and know-how to give you the insights you need.

We provide an assessment service that can deliver a clear and focused overview of an individual’s current ability, development potential and how this can link with an organization’s business objectives. Our service can be adapted to assess small numbers of candidates for senior management positions or extended to cover the volume assessment of large numbers of staff.

In particular, we are experts at helping organizations to deploy a common Assessment Centre approach on an international or global scale. Our Assessment Centre reports summaries the findings from the process, and then synthesizes the results to highlight any specific strengths and development needs in a language that is clear and easy to understand.

When conducting assessment centers, either for external recruitment or internal promotion purposes, it is critical that the assessment process used is of the highest quality. It must be:

  • Credible: Candidates must be appropriately challenged and stretched but must also see the relevance of the process to the role for which they have applied. Face validity is key and the process needs to reflect the diversity of potential candidates and be designed to assess the common attributes of successful employees within the client organization.
  • Reliable: The process must provide a consistent and appropriate standard, against agreed competencies.
  • Professional: The assessment process is a key part of the overall candidate experience and has a significant bearing on their perceptions of the client company. The highest standards of professionalism must be applied from the initial contact and administration of the candidate to the quality and credibility of the assessors and their report.

SDP Management Consultancy will always deliver senior level assessment solutions for many of the biggest private and public sector employers. We design the assessment process, conduct all psychometric profiling, manage the assessment itself, deliver in-depth reports for the client and also handle the provision of feedback to employees who have been through the process.

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