Competency Frameworks & Profiling

DP Management Consultancy helps organizations to identify the competencies that underpin business success and then develop detailed competency frameworks that encapsulate what effective performance means and looks like within the client company.

Whether the need is to develop competencies across the business as a whole or for specific groups or functions, we ensure that the competencies are developed in line with commercial and operational imperatives. Where organizations have an existing competency framework in place, we are very comfortable working with this, but in instances where the company need to start from scratch, or start again, we can offer our own, very comprehensive competency framework. Selecting the most important competencies to be assessed in selection, development or performance management situations is where we can help you with. Participating with our clients to contribute to any process that requires the identification of critical competencies, for example:

  • The identification of competencies for a role prior to the start of a selection process.
  • The identification of the competencies to be measured during an Assessment or Development Centre, or an appraisal.

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