Managing Diversity in the workplace

n organization that employs a diverse workforce (balance between male and female employees, diverse age group, of different ethnically and racially diverse backgrounds and promotes the inclusion of employees with special needs) is better at understanding the demographics of the market place it covers. Diversity values differences of its employees (gender, age, ethnicity, physical disability and religion background) and also helps improve equality and prevent unfair discrimination in the workplace and this starts with recruitment process.

Diversifying your workplace provides substantial benefits that not only helps employers with the retention of their national workforce, but also helps improve other factors such as productivity, creativity, employee satisfaction, better decision making, enhanced product development targeting multinational clients in the region or worldwide, resulting in its return on investment in the recruiting, training and retention of its top notch employees. Diversity also helps organizations to compete in the global markets, attract talent and be the ‘Employer of Choice” be it for summer trainees, interns, part time or full time employees.

Here we can help organizations identify, plan and monitor their diversity strategy by improving their current policies and introducing policies that best meets the needs of the business and its employees thus helping in a much enhanced and harmonized workplace.


One of our main goals is our active participation in the Emiratization process is to design a strategy that includes an Emiratization policy that caters towards attracting, training and developing and retaining Emiratis in the work place and to support the UAE government initiative.

Through our vast experience in the market and having worked with various industries, there seem to be a lack of culture awareness on both sides (employee/employer). In order to bridge the gap, SDP Consultants can provide you with the right tools to enhance communication and overcome the cultural gap.

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