Recruitment solutions

ur professional team is determined to provide the right candidates for the right positions. We consider the strategic goals of your organization. We bring the best candidates who are not only the best fit for the job but also, candidates who are the best fit for the culture of your team and your workforce in a timely and costly efficient manner.

We understand the demands of business and the organizaiton’s time limitations, therefore, we provide you with professional recruiters to work in-house. While the professional recruiters work under SDP sponsorship, they can be seconded to work internally with your recruitment professionals to help and support your recruitment needs.

Recruitment & Resourcing

SDP Management Consultancy will provide Long term strategy to determine the size and quality of employees to cater to our clients business needs
If you’re struggling to cope under the weight of job applications, then you are not alone. But identifying and selecting the best talents for your organization needn’t be a major difficulty and it shouldn’t tie up all of your resources. Using a unique combination of leading-edge tools, we can help you to quickly move candidates through the various stages of the recruitment cycle.

We provide manpower solutions such as headhunting, identifying candidates by searching and screening candidates according to your specific needs and requirements. Also, through customizing, redesigning and enhancing recruitment policies and procedures (UAE Labor Law compliant), Identifying internal talent for Internal recruitment purposes.

We speed up the planning process through E-recruitment, using databases, software, internet, and other digital tools to optimize the recruitment management process.

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